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Working with eve Networks is easy. We offer IT Partners the ability to grow and expand their customer base, with voice and connectivity solutions. We’ll make it all straightforward and enable you to give your customers one provider for all of their communications, making it easier for them and you.

eve Networks - Build your own solutions

your own solutions

Our solutions can be positioned in your own name, or you can benefit from using the well-known brand names, eve Voice and eve Connect. The onboarding process of becoming a Partner is straightforward and means you can quickly gain all the knowledge you need to start working with telecoms products.

closing the gap.
add telecoms to your portfolio

Naturally, adding new products to your portfolio will enable you to allow your business to grow. IT and telecoms services are often expected to be supplied by one service provider by customers. The two channels are beginning to merge, presenting huge opportunities.

In 2025 the ISDN and PSTN switch off will force all services onto an IP voice connection, you can start talking to your customers about that and moving them over right now. We can give you the products, training and confidence to start doing that.

We are here to help you to identify those business opportunities and make them happen. For example, if you already own the customer’s LAN, WAN and cloud services, connectivity and telephony offers an opportunity for natural progression. We have extensive experience in the telecommunications market and know how customers work and what motivates them. We can therefore help you to do the same.

We can even help with admin and billing requirements, so that you can continue to work on growing business.

Evolving our solutions

Nothing stands still in your market, so we continue to improve and advance our solutions so that you can always offer your customers something exceptional.

eve Network’s services were built inhouse by our very own development team. It has been developed and bettered over years, heavily influenced by customer demand and Partner feedback. This team continues to grow and evolve our solutions, to make them easier to work with for you and offer your customers additional features ahead of the market.

Our Development team work every day making these improvements and new features, so that you always have an up-to-date product to sell.

always getting better.

Second to none support

Our team offers you different levels of support. From initial training on the telecoms industry to ongoing support with customer sales, as well as technical support we’re here to help.

We have copious experience in the telecoms industry and our knowledge can help you to understand exactly how it all works. Not only that, but our webinars, technical support and ongoing training can help you to get all of your business up to speed. Plus, we’re always here if you need us.

we’re here whenever you need us.

Straightforward migration

We make migration easy. If you’re already working with another telecoms provider, but would like a better service, you can easily migrate systems over to us. We’ll handle it all for you. Your Partner Portal gives you complete control from setting up customers, to viewing usage, to easily making changes, find out more about it here.

making everything just work.

let’s make it happen

If you’d like to become an eve Networks Partner, it’s as easy as sending us an email or giving us a call and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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If you’d like to find out more about partnering with us, we’d be delighted to hear from you.