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Our portals are built to be easy to do business with. We don’t want you to need extensive training, or your customers to need to rely on you. 

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we’re committed to your success

Intuitive portals are at the heart of what we do. Our intelligently built eve Portal is straightforward for you and your customers to navigate, saving you time. You will have access to a reseller area within the portal which provides the ability to create customer accounts. Us, you and your customers use the same portal, meaning the whole platform is interconnected, offering great ease from us to you, to your customers.

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Your portal

Handle everything you and your customers need, through one, slick reseller portal

  • Ordering & provisioning for eve Voice, as well as eve Connect in one place
  • Complete management of your voice estate
  • Set up and remove customer accounts with ease
  • Add new users for customer businesses
  • Upgrade licences quickly at your customers’ request
  • Have insight into your customer billing and usage
  • Your customers can also view their usage and bills, meaning less inquiries

everything you need, all in one place.

Simple set up

We like to be easy to do business with. When you become an eve Networks Partner, your access to the reseller portal is set up. Once you engage with the products, you’ll have access to provision orders via the portal, set up customer accounts and make changes, all in the same portal.

our technology is designed to work invisibly in the background, aiding seamless communication

Dedicated training packages

We offer dedicated training, in the form of face-to-face or video calls, to run you through the Admin & Provisioning and Product & Licencing structure of eve. This will cover everything you need to know about eve’s Portal and how to use it, as well as how to promote and sell the product.

Video guides

eve Voice how-to video guides have been put together to help your customers to quickly complete activities within the portal, such as creating a user, setting up call queuing and IVR, as well as so much more.

Webinars focused on selling

We also offer webinars focused on helping you sell. We understand that all reseller portals are different. The best thing about our portal is how easy it is to navigate, while containing all the features you need to be efficient. These webinars can help you to sell the benefits of the eve Portal to your end customers.

Dedicated Support team

eve Networks is a team of savvy technical people, so if you ever need support we’re able to help. With a huge amount of telecoms experience, you can lean on us to have the answers you may not know yet. The dedicated Support team will be on hand to deal with your queries and help you find a resolution.

We can do your billing for you

We understand as an IT reseller, you may not be comfortable, or have the time to do billing for voice services. Our Managed Billing support offers you the ability for us to handle all of your customer billing for eve Network’s products. All in your name and branding, your customers will believe that the bill is coming straight from you.

All of your customer billing can be found in eve’s portal. This allows you to see your customer usage and recommend any changes or upgrades they may require. End users can view their own bill and usage history in the portal too, which could reduce the amount of inbound inquiries your business receives.

we’ll take billing off your hands.


The eve reseller portal opens up access to many reporting tools that can help you make the right choices for your customers

Measure the number of calls received, number of calls made, number of calls answered, number of calls missed, average call queue time and much more

How much data is being consumed, are upgrades required to be more cost effective?

See how your customer bills vary over time, could they be on a package more suitable to their business requirements? Are there specific times in the year that they see an increase in their bills?

Everything you need, from setting up a new user, to viewing bills is all in the same place, making it easy for you and your customers to work efficiently.

talk to us

If you’d like to arrange a demo of the eve Voice solution, including the portal, why not give us a call today, or drop us a message.