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Connectivity is critical to business. By taking control of the full communications suite of services, you can own the entire sales opportunity and increase revenue, while providing your customers with everything they need.

Connectivity and voice are essential business services that create additional recurring revenue streams. Customers are increasingly looking for a one stop shop from their service supplier and differentiate less between IT and telecommunications, as technologies converge. Address your customers’ needs and reap the rewards from a new monthly revenue stream, while strengthening customer relationships through increased contract terms.

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Openreach’s 2025 copper switch-off creates a unique opportunity for proactive IT service providers. Use this opportunity to engage with new customers and help them to realise their own digital transformation.

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We’re dedicated to creating flawless solutions for everyone, from distributor to end user. Our developers are obsessed with UX; portals are designed to support immersive and intuitive experiences. Clean, neat interfaces come as standard. Web development is prioritised alongside product development and data analytics are used to help us constantly finesse our offering to you.

integrate eve Connect’s features with your existing portal.


All of eve Connect’s broadband solutions can be ordered and managed through a single portal. Expect clean, easy to navigate screens with instant access to the tools and data you need.

A low touch provisioning process that guarantees that your customer is up and running quickly. Access reliable speed and availability checkers, so you can instantly find the right solution. Place your order with just a few clicks and arrange for pre-configured routers to be shipped directly to your customer’s site.

we believe in exceptional user experiences.


Managing the billing for voice and connectivity solutions is famously complex by nature.

Our rich heritage in telecoms billing provides you with absolute confidence to seamlessly integrate eve Connect with your existing billing cycle. We take the pain away and securely provide you with a neat and accurate view of the data you need, when you need it.

For those Partners who require a more bespoke approach, our custom API provides access to your eve Networks’ billing data, allowing you to simply integrate with your own billing solution.

If you would like to find out more about the possibilities of billing, get in touch.

manage complex bill runs for your customers, without complication.


eve Connect products come supplied with second line support to ensure the quickest possible resolution for you and your customers.

Connect+ Broadband comes with support tools within the eve Portal, enabling Partners to perform the end user 1st line support.

  • UK based.
  • Flexible support models available based on your requirements.
  • Smart, integrated support which enables self-serve. Empower your customers and reduce your support overhead.
  • Flexibility to include preconfigured routers or provide your own. Reliable support for high volume orders, allowing you to take a low touch approach when needed.

Typically we partner with IT & Cloud support service providers and distributors

with eve Networks you can gain access to sell, provision and bill through our portal


FTTP is a fast and reliable connection, where fibre cables go all the way to your customer’s site. Offering a range of speeds up to 1Gbps, this broadband technology offers the speeds that many businesses now demand.

This solution is more reliable and less prone to disruption by external factors such as electrical interference or water.


SOGEA is a Fibre to The Cabinet (FTTC) solution, which includes the copper pair. As we move to an all-IP future, where it’s not possible to get fibre to the premises, SOGEA utilises the existing copper infrastructure from the street cabinet to your customer’s site without the need for a PSTN line. It’s the ‘go to’ product for customers in order to move away from the copper network between now and 2025.


These copper products are in use by many UK businesses, although they will be phased out by Openreach ahead of 2025, when the copper network will reach end of life. You can learn more about this on our live blog – everything you need to know about Openreach’s WLR and PSTN switch-off.


Connect+ is an eve Voice dedicated broadband solution, prioritised for eve Voice and SIP.

Connect+ Broadband is a great value business grade connectivity service which provides access to a self-serving portal with service status, connection logs and diagnostics tools for you to manage and support your customers quickly and effectively.


Ethernet is a true dedicated business grade internet service that provides a robust, reliable and fast connection, ideal for large organisations with remote workers and cloud-based applications. Fibre cables connect your customer’s site directly to the exchange. A high availability solution with unparalleled speeds.

Partners can choose to include a managed router alongside their customer orders.


As part of the UK’s digital transformation, Openreach are on track to switch off the traditional copper telecoms network by 2025.

Replacement fibre broadband products create a huge opportunity to support UK businesses, while increasing revenues.

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