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eve Voice is a next generation, cloud based communication and collaboration platform designed for IT resellers and distributors. Built on proven Mitel technology and supported by Cisco and Oracle.

eve Voice delivers a highly disruptive, visually compelling stand-alone brand which allows you to provide your Partners or customers something which cuts through the noise and helps you to drive revenue.

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the opportunity
for digital transformation

Openreach’s 2025 copper switch-off creates a unique opportunity for proactive IT service providers. Use this opportunity to engage with new customers and help them to realise their own digital transformation.

customer benefits

Setting businesses free with easy to use software that can be accessed anywhere.

Benefit from on demand or permanent call recording, which is fully industry compliant.

If users are moving location, there is no need for them to lose valuable contact numbers – just port them across to eve Voice, or your customers can have brand new numbers if they wish.

With Apps for smartphones and tablets that fully mimic desk phone capability, as well as a desktop app, there is no reason to be out of touch.

By using collaboration features, users can work with both internal and external colleagues in real time, through presence, audio conferencing and web based screen and document sharing.

Extra seats can be rapidly deployed at the click of a mouse.

Industry practitioners tell us that 80% of businesses who don’t have a disaster recovery plan may not survive a major disruption. Using eve Voice’s simple interface, users can rapidly re-route calls to a secondary location and access all the features they are used to on a different device.

eve Voice is a cloud based service, so there is no single point of failure to worry about. Technology partners such as Oracle, Cisco and Mitel provide reassurance that eve was built to perform.

Hacking is a modern-day business problem which eve is built to resist. The protection around a modern data centre far exceeds that which a premise based phone system can offer. However, in the event of fraudulent activity, eve Voice is designed to quickly report the problem and close it down before your Partners or customers receive excessive charges.

Because eve Voice is licence based, your customers benefit from regular payments, rather than an up-front capital outlay.

all controlled in an easy to use portal.

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everything is where it should be, and everything makes sense.

Desktop app

By combining a suitable headset with eve Voice’s desktop app, you can work more comfortably at your keyboard and enjoy all eve Voice’s features from your screen.

Collaborate in real time using eve Voice’s audio conferencing and web based screen sharing. Work together using the group chat function and share or update documents remotely.

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take your business everywhere no matter where you’re headed.

Mobile app

Users can benefit from increased productivity and save money by using eve Voice’s mobile app to access features on the go, using a smartphone, or iPad.

Search your contacts, see who’s available, instant message your colleagues all using eve Voice’s smart, easy to use interface.

You control where your calls ring, set your current availability or even set your future availability right from your mobile device without needing to log in to the eve Voice portal.

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Opportunity of the


digital transformation



IT leaders have ceased purchasing on-premise communications

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