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Be easy for your customers to do business with. eve Voice’s customer portal gives them freedom to easily control their own Collaboration platform.

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enabling your customers to achieve more

eve Voice’s intuitive portals make it easy for you to set in place a modern Collaboration platform for your customers’ businesses. With a huge increase in organisations requiring their employees to work from home, or wherever suits them, our eve Voice solution can set your customers free, so that they can work effectively from anywhere.

Your customers have the power

Our straightforward eve Voice portal takes intelligent software and makes it easy to use. Your customers can have complete control of their business phone systems from within the eve Voice portal, meaning that they don’t need to rely on you to implement changes.

  • Easily place orders or request updates to licences
  • Set up and remove new users with ease
  • Put in place call diverts, call queues, voicemails and more
  • Access call recordings
  • Measure call activity
  • Set up hunt groups
  • Easily find and view their bill history

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training, resources and support

eve Voice demos

We offer eve Voice demonstrations on your behalf to welcome your customers to the service and to make sure they make the most of its capabilities. Our inhouse experts who have been there since the creation of eve Voice are able to ensure you have all the knowledge you need to take complete control of your business collaboration system.

Video guides

eve Voice how-to video guides have been put together to help your customers to quickly complete activities within the portal, such as creating a user, setting up call queuing and IVR.

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If you’d like to arrange a demo of the eve Voice solution, including the portal, why not give us a call today, or drop us a message.

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