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Challenging and calling out inequality in the workplace: how do we respond and react?


Beth Swarbrick
March 25, 2022

Calling out inequality in the workplace

Earlier this month we marked International Women’s Day by sharing experiences of calling out inequality in the workplace, how we call it out, and positive changes that are starting to happen in the industry.

When we sat down to think about how we wanted to mark the day, it was important for us to start a meaningful conversation that would help make us all feel more empowered when calling out inequality in the workplace. Our focus was to be constructive and to encourage self-awareness both internally at eve Networks and beyond. 

We spoke to Louise Abbey, Group Marketing Director and Steve Barclay, Managing Director to hear why it was important to them to mark International Women’s Day.

My team and I share similar values, so when we met to talk about how we’d mark the event this year we agreed that our campaign had to press for purpose. We questioned why events such as International Women’s Day fall to the Marketing team, and what this says about the intent of the activity. It’s all too easy for Marketers to fall into the trap of blindly piggybacking off causes. Even with the best of intentions, it can be difficult to get it right.

We opened the conversation up to a wider group and were bowled over by the response. When we began filming, the topic of inequality dominated the conversation across our business. People were incredibly open about their own experiences, whether they’ve been called out or they’ve needed to speak out.

This shows me the power of International Women’s Day and the value of simply creating a platform to have open discussions about topics that matter. Marking International Women’s Day must be more than just putting a tick in a box.

International Women's Day is great to create a focal point and opportunity to pause and reflect, the video interviews were an excellent idea and garnered some really interesting and positive input from the contributors from within our company, our wider group and others from our industry.

What I found interesting was the consistent way in which people across our group of businesses view the importance of equality in our business and that it is embedded in our thinking. It highlighted the importance of acceptance and positive action around equality and diversity as a part of our behaviour every day of the year.It seems to me that if we are going to see real change we need to cross the threshold from something we have to stop and think about, to being how we naturally behave all of the time.

Thank you to all of our fantastic contributors for sharing their own personal experiences and for their openness and honesty in doing so. It is through having these conversations and sharing experiences that we can works towards equality.

All interviews can be found below:

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