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Build better relationships by challenging your approach to customer onboarding


Louise Abbey
April 12, 2023

Winning a new customer takes effort.

Finding a new supplier takes effort.

Both parties have an interest in things working out.

This blog explores how a customer-first approach can help you build brilliant relationships that last.

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7 seconds to make a first impression

Research shows that people gain an impression of who you are within the first 7 seconds of meeting you.

Scary, right? What if I’m having an off day?

What’s worse? You don’t get a second chance at a first impression.

Similar principles apply in business, but we reckon you have a little longer than a few seconds to make your mark with a new customer.

a more human approach 

We have a preference for being human when it comes to building relationships, and we know we’re not alone.

This matters so much to us, we made it one of our core values.

play well with others

We get that communication is more than ones and zeros, it’s human.

Creating a real connection takes care. We’re real, we listen and we take time to understand people’s points of view.

Because of this, we often find ourselves challenging the status quo and asking awkward questions like – what does ‘onboarding’ mean for customers, really?

I’m challenging how brands approach relationship-building with new customers. I want to explore a perfect process where the customers’ needs truly come first.

what do customers really care about when starting out with a new supplier?

Strip out the buzzwords and business speak, and think about what your customers really need from you.

  1. Communication: customers want to feel heard and understood, and they expect their supplier to communicate clearly and on time.
  2. Product knowledge: customers want to work with suppliers who have a deep understanding of their product or service, and who can offer advice and guidance on how to use it effectively.
  3. Reliability: customers want suppliers who can consistently deliver on their promises, whether that’s meeting deadlines, or offering brilliant service.
  4. Responsiveness: customers want suppliers who are responsive to their needs and can adapt quickly.
  5. Competitive pricing: while not the most important factor, customers want suppliers who offer value for money.

making a great first impression, the right way

If the customer can gain value, everyone gains value.

By providing a clear and well-structured process around welcoming new customers, you can reduce customer frustration, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, and ultimately, increase revenue by encouraging customer retention and repeat business.

1. Create a strategy

First, agree on what you want to achieve – list your goals.

Make those goals customer-centric.

These will vary for different brands but some example goals might be:

  • Customers have established a pattern of usage
  • Customers have provided a high customer satisfaction score, or some brilliant feedback
  • Customers have achieved training goals

2. Make a brilliant impression in the first 30 days

Consider what your customers receive from you in the first 30 days of signing up.

A great exercise is to lay every single piece of communication on a table. Really examine and challenge your own process.

Great communications to consider:

  • Welcome – a personalised welcome message from a real, named person.
  • Contact us – explain the fastest routes to support, along with all your company contact details.
  • Product activation – an email with their login details, or a link to get started. This important touchpoint encourages new customers to get started, make it a good one!
  • Put a face to the name – help your customer make real connections with your team. If it’s not scalable or realistic to do a video call with every new customer, share photos and a little light information about key people.
  • Customer goals – hold a consultation to find out what makes them tick. Share that with your own team and consider how you can help them achieve their goals.
  • Training – make this part of the process truly brilliant. Consider how different people learn and make sure the information is easy to access.
  • Celebrate milestones – it’s an incentive to keep going.
  • Regular check-ins – keep in touch and make sure everything’s ok.

Also, challenge how you communicate with customers. If your product is portal based, for example, can you push messages to new customers as they go through the initial set-up process?

eve Networks support team discussing customer onboarding projects

did I mention I love service?

I’m on a mission to make businesses more profitable by making customers the number one focus.

I’ll happily talk to anyone who shares my obsession with service. If you’d like to chat call me on our main number or send me an email – Louise Abbey.

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