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Oliver Clutterbuck
May 24, 2024

eve feature releases and updates 2024

🚩 Organisation hierarchy (April 2024)

Breadcrumb menu to show the organisational hierarchy of the account.

eve feature releases_breadcrumbs

🚩 Approval process for ethernet ordering (February 2024)

An approval stage can now be enforced when your customers place ethernet orders directly in the portal.  This feature, when enabled, requires you to approve the order before it progresses, giving you a chance to validate the order and the customers placing it.

🚩 Call queue rewrite release (January 2024)

The first part of a large write of the voice portal to use an Angular frontend and .Net API backend, benefits include increased speed, high scalable and eventually will allow us to publish an API for customers to interact with us programmatically.

eve feature resellers_angular
eve feature releases_/net

🚩 Activity export (January 2024)

Added ability to export cease and migration activity as a CSV. 

eve feature releases_activity export

eve feature releases and updates 2023

🚩 Billing now available on the eve portal (November 2023)

From the new billing section in the eve portal, you can download your invoices and any associated data. Here’s a video tour to help you find your way around this latest feature:

🚩 Default audio prompts (May 2023)

Wholesalers and Resellers now have access to the Prompt Manager on their respective dashboards where prompts can be uploaded for all customers. 
eve features and releases - prompts

🚩 Direct access to prompt manager (May 2023)

Prompts can now be added while creating a feature without needing to navigate away to the company dashboard. Clicking on the plus will bring up the prompt manager in a modal dialog for you to upload a prompt.

🚩 Direct access to number ordering (May 2023)

Numbers can now be ordered while creating a feature without needing to navigate away to the company ordering screen. Clicking on the plus will bring up the number ordering in a modal dialog for you to request whatever numbers are required.  

🚩 Device status (April 2023)

Device status will now give you the ability to see if a device is registered to the eve platform.

If a device has successfully registered on the user’s device card a green circle will be shown, if the device is not registered a red circle will be shown. 

eve feature release - device status

When you hover over the online status, a tooltip will show you when the device first came online and the IP address that the device is registering from. 

Please note that although a device coming online will be almost instantaneous, due to the way SIP registrations work it could be up to 5 minutes before we are aware that a device is offline. 

🚩 Bank holiday scheduling (March 2023)

You can now configure what you want to happen to your groups on public holidays using our new bank holiday time schedule. 

To configure this feature go to the schedules page as usual and select ‘bank holidays’. 

eve feature releases - bank holiday schedules 1

You can then select which public holidays to apply the schedule to. You’ll then be presented with the normal options of closed, open, forward as well as the the ability to add a prompt.

eve feature releases - bank holiday schedules 1

🚩 Missed call reporting (February 2023)

Existing portal users can access this new feature by clicking on:

‘Reporting’ – ‘Call Reporting’ – ‘Missed Calls Report’.

eve feature releases Missed Calls Dashboard

To help you get the most out of this new feature, we’ve put together all the details of what you’ll now have access to.  

eve feature releases and updates 2022

🚩 Call intrusion (November 2022)

A new call intrusion feature is available, comprising of three functions:

Whisper – this allows users to enter a call, hear both parties and speak to one of those users without the other party hearing. This function is helpful for coaching staff on live calls, without the other party hearing.

Monitor – users can join a call, hear both parties, but neither side can hear you. Great for reviewing agent performance.

Barge in – users can enter a call to hear and speak to both parties. This is helpful for support staff who are managing disputes or customer complaints, as they can talk to customers together. 

Portal users can access and set up this function using this guide.

🚩 Bug fixes  (November 2022)

Porting Lead Times – the calculation of available port dates has been amended to add an extra day if a port is placed after 16:00.

Speed Improvements – the load time for the skills-based routing panel on advanced call queues has been improved.

🚩 Hot desking (August 2022)

A new hot desking feature is available, which allows users to log into shared phones and make calls as themselves from any device.

eve features and releases - hot desking

🚩 Call reporting (July 2022)

Existing portal users can access Call Reporting by clicking on ‘Reporting’ and then ‘Call Reporting’ shown below. To help you get the most out of this new feature, we’ve put together all the details of what you’ll now have access to.  

eve features and releases call reporting

🚩 Increase prompt file size (June 2022)

Limit for file size now increased to 5MB.

🚩 Bug fixes (June 2022)

Company voicemail numbers – displaying correctly in DDI assigning tool.

Postcode lookup – now mandatory before manually entering an address.

IVR previous button – allows navigation back to first screen if no destinations entered.

🚩 Call recording platform (April 2022)

Our new call recording platform, built entirely in-house. 

Improved levels of security with end-to-end encryption of the call recording and encrypted file storage. From the moment a call starts, the recording is encrypted. It is then ‘converted encrypted’ and ‘archived encrypted’ to storage. The call only becomes decrypted once it is delivered to the customer’s browser for playback or download.

Pause and resume
Users are now able to pause the recording of a call to take sensitive information such as credit card details from the caller, and then resume recording. This is a key feature for becoming PCI compliant.

To pause the recording use *123 and to resume *321, or programme the handset’s hotkeys. This feature can be used across all eve Voice products, where call recording is enabled.
Digital watermark
Calls have a digital watermark embedded in the file so the file can be proved to be an original, untampered recording, if required to be used in court. This cutting edge security feature is built using the latest in cryptographics technology and our team have the ability to verify whether or not a call recording has been altered.

Improved efficiency
Improved file compression and conversion deliver enhanced platform performance. Calls are now available to be listened to within a couple of minutes after the call completes.

Call recording files are smaller, which means they take up less space when downloaded.

🚩 Removing invalid mailboxes (April 2022)

We have identified that when creating their accounts, some users are inputting an email adress which points to a non-existent mailbox. This includes a large number of email addresses which use domains associated with eve Networks. 

This results in a large volume of bounced emails, which originate from eve Networks’ mail servers. THis process decreases the trust level of these servers on the public internet. 

We have introduced a change which prevents users from adding emails with the following domains: 










🚩 Subscription to ECP emails (April 2022)

Users will have the option to subscribe to ECP emails. This enables users to receive alerts if a site reaches the warning or the bar limits. The feature can be activated on the user configuration under ‘Permissions’

🚩 Bug fixes (April 2022)

Custom presentation name – when editing a custom presentation, the name will update correctly

Group voicemail validation – name length validation will be added

Edit device – end user permissions will be updated to allow edit of device

Adding mobile devices – permissions will be updated to allow and restrict the adding of a mobile device based on the licence ordered. End user admins can only add mobile devices if they are included within their licence

🚩 Bug fixes (March 2022)

Order Report Speed – Improvements to how quickly the ordering report loads.  Filters have also been fixed and port date has been added

General Site Speed – Improvements have been made to authorisation around the site to improve speed

Company Dashboard Speed – Individual widgets have been configured to load independently to speed up the load time of the page

SIP Trunk Config Speed  – Optimisations have been made to this page to improve load times

Global Filter Speed – Optimisations have been made to this control to improve load times

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