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Marcus Hunt, Technical Director at eve Networks

Our growing eve Voice development team goes from strength to strength


Marcus Hunt
January 26, 2024

Resellers and customers of our popular cloud phone system are feeling the benefit, as new features are coming in thick and fast. The eve Voice development team consistently delivers, and they’re showing no signs of slowing down.

In this blog our favourite Software Development Director, Marcus Hunt, talks with pride about the talented eve Voice development team and their unwavering ambition to bring something truly brilliant to the channel.

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Marcus shares his secret to fast and frequent feature development and reflects on how encouraging creativity and being a good listener brings out the best in people.

Our ‘little and often’ approach means the eve Voice development team can release a constant flow of new features, which our resellers and their customers love.

In the old days, we had 20 or more developers working together on a single project. That was pretty inefficient – at one stage, the answer was to just throw resource at it.

eve Voice development team

These days we work in smaller teams who focus on dedicated projects.

We’re much more distributed in the way we work; we’re able to develop and release eve Voice features faster and better than ever before.

I’ve always tried to nurture my team’s curiosity and encourage them to be experimental every day.

As a leader, your most important job is to allow people to be heard. I love it when someone in the team says “I’ve got an idea”, or “I’ve learned something new”.

By placing a real emphasis on listening rather than dictating, we’ve created a healthy, collaborative environment where our eve Voice developers are free to do brilliant work.

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As an entire management team, we empower our people by giving them autonomy and by encouraging them to take ownership. This creates freedom and trust, which in turn breeds ambition and big, creative thinking.

This approach has left us in an incredibly strong position in terms of eve Voice development, and our future as a business.

Oliver Clutterbuck, Head of Product Architecture at eve Networks

As a development team, we have to meet the requirements of a lot of people.

Oliver Clutterbuck, our product architect, is the single point of ownership for eve’s technology. He listens to everyone’s view, but takes ultimate ownership and creates our overall vision.

Again, listening is crucial. You have to understand the industry you’re in and listen to where the opportunities are for resellers and customers, rather than only focusing on issues.

Having someone visionary like Ollie, who can take a creative and pragmatic view of all of that, is incredibly powerful.

I love the story about the janitor who put a man on the moon.

During a visit to the NASA Space Centre in 1962, President Kennedy spotted a janitor carrying a broom.

The President casually asked “what are you doing?”, and the janitor replied, “I’m helping put a man on the moon.”

The janitor knew the purpose of his work. He kept the building clean so that the scientists, engineers, and astronauts could focus on their mission of putting man on the moon.

He knew he had a purpose and felt that he was part of something much bigger than himself. He was a janitor, but he was also part of 1962 NASA Space Team.

Read the full story at medium.com

This taught me that brilliant leaders give their people clear purpose and big vision. They encourage their team to own their part in the story. They show everyone how they contribute, and why that contribution matters.

Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin. The second person to set foot on the Moon.

We’re not just here to be average and to do average work. We want to challenge one another, challenge the industry, and to be better. So, it stands to reason that we take recruitment pretty seriously!

Five or six years ago, we changed the way we recruited. We started hiring against our values, which are to contribute, be exceptional, believe in teamwork, act with integrity, and play well with others.

Essentially, we look for people who want to take ownership of their role. We work hard to find developers who understand their place in the grand scheme of things. We’re drawn to people who want to be part of a positive team, where we can enjoy working together and share big ambitions when it comes to eve Voice development.

Teamwork has always been close to who I am. I think it’s impossible to truly deliver, without being part of a strong team.

We attract people who fit with the way we want to work and both parties are clear on that from day one, because culture is a two-way street.

eve Networks values

We’ve only employed one developer who has a background in telecoms, almost everyone else has come from unique industries. I see that as a real strength, we don’t suffer from tunnel vision.

We have a more diverse team than ever before in terms of culture, ethnicity and gender. That feels like a good place to be because it means our team is representative of our wider community, we’re growing and we aren’t set in our ways.

Having a team with different perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds means we’re better at problem-solving, and we’re able to create more innovative solutions.

These days we approach problems and opportunities from lots of different angles, which gives us more creative and effective solutions.

It’s great to have a mix of views, and we encourage everyone to have their opinion.

I’ve been with eve Networks in one way or another since 1999.

I started my time here in a company called DataFlow, which was acquired in 2011 by the guy who created eve Networks. A lot has happened since then!

The eve Voice development timeline

At Dataflow we managed billing for resellers. We grew our team to over 60 people and created clever technology that simplified the way telecom services were billed forever.

Those were different times – bills were printed and posted to customers, the Post Office loved us! We’d show up with huge sacks of letters.

That billing expertise is still strong within our team today, but we’ve moved on a long way from being the postie’s best friend.

eve Voice development feature release

To be one of the first to find out about new eve features, keep an eye on our news page, or connect with eve Networks on LinkedIn.

If you’re interested in joining the eve Voice development team, check out our careers page. Even if we aren’t hiring right now, we’re always interested to hear from like-minded people.

If you’d like to have a chat about leadership and culture, or even fancy collaborating on a blog, webinar or podcast, I’d welcome a chat. Email hello@evenetworks.com and we’ll set it up.

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