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introducing our new call recording platform


Jade Rogers
July 1, 2022

By designing and building our new platform entirely in house, we’ve been able to place real focus on the features that our Partners tell us matter the most; security and efficiency.


Improved levels of security with end-to-end encryption of the call recording and encrypted file storage. From the moment a call starts, the recording is encrypted. It is then ‘converted encrypted’ and ‘archived encrypted’ to storage. The call only becomes decrypted once it is delivered to the customer’s browser for playback or download.

Pause and resume
Users are now able to pause the recording of a call to take sensitive information such as credit card details from the caller, and then resume recording. This is a key feature for becoming PCI compliant.

To pause the recording use *123 and to resume *321, or programme the handset’s hotkeys. This feature can be used across all eve Voice products, where call recording is enabled.

Digital watermark
Calls have a digital watermark embedded in the file so the file can be proved to be an original, untampered recording, if required to be used in court. This cutting edge security feature is built using the latest in cryptographics technology and our team have the ability to verify whether or not a call recording has been altered.

Improved efficiency
Improved file compression and conversion deliver enhanced platform performance. Calls are now available to be listened to within a couple of minutes after the call completes.