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Meet the support team


Beth Swarbrick
September 20, 2023

Say hi to our wonderful eve Networks support team 👋

If you’re an eve Networks partner, you’ll no doubt recognise some of the names and faces in this team, but if not, allow us to introduce you. 

Support Team
(Left to right): Alice Clark-Hayward, Eddy Lenana, Liam Spry, Jon Mundy, Leo Smith, Carl Graham, Kyla Hunt

Made up of the eve support, billing and product specialist teams, they each play a huge role in working closely with our Partners. Right from the moment a new Partner joins, the team is on hand to make sure everything is running as it should. 

Headed up by Kyla Hunt, Head of Operations, the support team works closely with all of our Partners. We know that every Partner works in a slightly different way, and will need varying levels of support from time to time. This team have plenty of experience behind them, which means they know how to work with Partners to make sure selling eve Connect and eve Voice is simple. 


Want to know more?

If you have a question or are thinking about becoming an eve Networks partner, send us a message and we’ll get back to you.

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