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Call Intrusion: Our latest feature release with 3 handy functions


Oliver Clutterbuck
November 11, 2022

A new Call Intrusion feature is now available.

What does the Call Intrusion feature include?

Whisper – (*67*<TARGET USER’S EXTENSION>#) this allows users to enter a call, hear both parties and speak to one of those users without the other party hearing. This function is helpful for coaching staff on live calls, without the other party hearing.

Monitor  (*68*<TARGET USER’S EXTENSION>#) users can join a call, hear both parties, but neither side can hear you. Great for reviewing agent performance.

Barge in (*66*<TARGET USER’S EXTENSION>#) users can enter a call to hear and speak to both parties. This is helpful for support staff who are managing disputes or customer complaints, as they can talk to customers together.

Enabling the feature

Call Intrusion can be enabled on the user’s Features panel.

Call Intrusion

Excluding specific users from intrusion

Some users may wish to prevent an intrusion user from joining their calls. This user can be excluded by turning on the ‘Exclude From Intrusion’ feature on the user’s Features panel.


This feature is charged per user, where Call Intrusion is enabled. Please contact us for details of pricing.

Keep an eye out for more feature releases coming soon.