Hot Desk

New Feature Release: Hot Desking


Jade Rogers
August 25, 2022

We are thrilled to announce our new hot desking release.

The team at eve Networks have built an exciting new feature for Yealink devices, allowing users to log in to shared phones to make and receive calls as themselves.

Portal users can access and set up this function using the launch guide below.

Shared Devices

Setting up a hot desking device can be configured as a ‘shared device’ within the portal.

Hot Desking
Hot Desking

A default template can be configured on the device that users will see if they have no templates configured for their user.

A hot desking device that has no user logged in will only have the ability to dial emergency services.

To log in to a shared device press the login button and enter the user’s internal or external telephone number and PIN.  The user will then be configured on the device until the logout button is pressed.

Note that on devices with smaller screen sizes the user will need to press the down arrow to enter the PIN.

Login Button

Alternatively, to creating a shared device, a user can opt to add a login button to their existing handset.

When a user logs in, the device owner’s keys will be removed until the temporary user logs out.

User Profiles

Rather than using a default set of keys, users may find it is more useful to configure their own key profiles that will appear on the device when the user logs in.  These can be configured as hot desk profiles on the user’s device widget

If a user has a device profile configured for the device they are logging in to, this profile will be used on the device instead of the default template.

Default Profile

Instead of creating profiles for every phone model the user may log into, they have the option of defining one as a ‘Default Profile.’ This profile can then be used on any device of the same manufacturer and the phone will render as many keys as it supports.  For example, if the default profile had ten extension keys configured but the user logged into a device that only support three, the top three keys from the default profile would be displayed.

To find out more, get in touch with our friendly team.