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Steve Barclay, Managing Director and leader at eve

Reflecting on 2023: A year in review and envisioning the future in 2024


Steve Barclay
January 2, 2024

2023 has been a truly great year at eve Networks. I think it’s important to occasionally step back and look at what we’ve achieved, not only as a business but everything we have done to improve the experience for our Partners and end users.  

Our eve-olving team

Over the past 12 months, we’ve made some brilliant new hires and through many of those we’ve embraced more international people into the team. This is incredibly important culturally for the business and something I see as a huge strength. 

As well as growing our team, I’m equally as pleased to have retained our existing talent and to have seen so much growth and development. Particular mention must go to Liam Spry our Service Desk Team Leader who was promoted into this role in the summer and continues to do a great job leading the Service Desk team, many of whom our Partners will be familiar with. 

I am hopeful that 2024 will see our team continue that growth and personal development, there will certainly be plenty of opportunities for new and exciting projects to be part of!


Defining our values

Right back at the start of this year, we launched our company values. When the leadership team first sat down to agree on these back in 2022 we knew we didn’t want to fall into clunky corporate speak or create something that no one in the business believed in. We wanted our values to be real, to represent our strengths, our flaws, our dreams and our personalities. 

Our values aren’t about being perfect or creating a false view of who we say we are. I think that’s something we’ve achieved with our values, they’re real, they’re us. 

You can read more about our values and what they mean here


Our focus in 2023

This year we’ve done a huge amount of work in the backend in terms of our infrastructure. The NetOps team have put a lot of focus into preparing and building for the future and our scalability. All that preparation will become clear as we share more in Q1 2024.

Beyond that, we’ve also had a real shift in the way we do software development. The team, led by our Technical Director, Marcus, have introduced a lot of improvements around how we iterate services. This year we introduced in-day releases – something that I know the team has always wanted to achieve so to see that happen has been very rewarding for all involved. It also means we are able to push out more new releases, quicker than ever before. It’s been great to see the impact that this has had for our Partners and end users of eve. 

We’ve always been focused on being agile in our approach to development and this year has been no different. We’ve worked closely with our Distributors and Partners to ensure that our product works for our end users, we’ve listened and adapted to ensure our product is always evolving with end users in mind. 

This year we welcomed a whole bunch of new partners and new distributors including, Triangle and Nuvola. We’ve seen incredible amounts of business coming through those channels with continued growth to come in 2024. 

What's to come in 2024

Next year is going to be huge for our team, Partners and end users, plenty is coming to be excited about in 2024. 

Early in the year, we will be releasing our eve studio which is a voice recording and music on hold service that utilises AI technology. And there’s a whole load of releases lined up that will improve user experience across our portals. 

As ever, there’s more coming that I can’t quite talk about yet, but let’s just say 2024 will be a year like no other for eve! We’re all very excited about the new year, both from what we’ll achieve internally as a business, but also what we’ll deliver for our customers as well. 


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