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Should you be selling hosted voice?


Stuart Burdett
June 29, 2022

If you’re a Managed Service Provider (MSP), yes.

The opportunities of selling hosted voice are plentiful. Stuart Burdett, Head of Sales, explains.

Customers want more.

Customers expect service providers to go beyond the traditional scope of an MSP. As consumers of services, we all expect more. Think about your personal banking, or your home insurance – we want it to be seamless and expect it to be pain-free.

Business services are no different.

If your customers already work with you for, say, IT support, think how much easier you would make their lives if you provided their voice solutions also.

Customers want more, so why not give them more. If their pain point is dealing with 10 different suppliers, make that easier for them by offering everything they need.

The demand is there, it’s about taking the step to seize it. Your customers already trust you, so why wouldn’t you take the opportunity.

Increased revenue by selling hosted voice

Increase your service offering, increase your revenue.

Okay, so there is a bit more to it than that, but that’s the core message here.

Complex billing is often the thing that holds MSPs back when it comes to selling voice. We get that. When we built our platform, we made sure billing was simple for Partners, because we know all too well the pain of overly complicated billing.

We’re continuing to make this easier. That way you can focus on selling without having to worry about it increasing your admin output every month.

And, with the looming ISDN 2025 switch-off, now’s the time to sweep up those opportunities.

Stay competitive

Everyone’s a service provider.

Selling voice is far easier than it used to be, which is great but also means more people are doing it.

It’s a busy marketplace right now. We’re seeing traditional telco companies try and enter the MSP game by shifting from traditional phone system offerings, to hosted voice because that’s where the demand and profit is now.

So, should you be selling hosted voice?


As an MSP you already have a foot in the door. You have the trust of your customers. Your customers need voice solutions. If it’s not you providing it, then who?

Ready to start bringing in more revenue? Drop me a message.