will we be working in the metaverse

will we be working in the metaverse?


Steve Barclay
February 21, 2022

Steve Barclay, will we be working in the metaverse


Steve Barclay, Managing Director

Will we be working in the metaverse?

The metaverse. Described as an immersive digital environment, set to shape the way we live, work, communicate, and socialise – that is, depending on who you ask.

But will a technology, that is thought to be capable of transforming our lives, be something that we see weaving its way into our working world any time soon?

In this piece we will delve into the metaverse: what exactly it is, if we think it will change how we communicate and ultimately asking the question, will we be working in the metaverse?

what is the metaverse?

It has been described by Mark Zuckerberg as a place where “you will be able to do almost anything you can imagine”. But if we take a look back, the idea of a metaverse isn’t strictly new. In fact, the term was actually first coined by sci-fi author Neal Stephenson in 1992.

The reality is that currently there is no single, universally agreed, definition of the ‘metaverse’. We are only just beginning to see it emerge, but here is what we can say about it at present, based on the vision of Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg:

  • It will be a virtual environment where you can be present with people in digital spaces through VR headsets, augmented reality glasses, phones, and computers

  • You’ll be able to instantly teleport as a hologram to all types of events – work, socialising, and personal appointments – with the idea being you are no longer restricted by your physical location

  • It will be a place for buying and selling goods, in a way that we have never seen before

will it change how we communicate in the working world?

We have undoubtedly all adapted to joining meetings over Teams or Zoom, and some of us have been doing so for many years. One of the great things about communicating on these types of platforms is you can work from anywhere, on any device, at any time – something that we all know has proved all too valuable over the past two years particularly.

What the metaverse promises to do, is the bridge the gap between remote and in-person working. Seen as a merge between the physical and virtual world, in theory, it is the perfect solution to the hybrid model many of us are now working in.

Just imagine hosting a company-wide meeting with everyone in your company immersed in your virtual metaverse office. Or hosting a customer event to launch a new product – the physical limits that these types of occasions usually present would no longer be a barrier for businesses.

The metaverse could actually completely revolutionise the way we communicate in the workplace. Making us present in a virtual environment, from anywhere, on any device, at any time. How does that sound to you?

will we be working in the metaverse?

Potentially, yes. Although many still think that this reality is perhaps decades away from where we are now. As Matthew Ball writes, we heavily rely on “extraordinary technical advancements” before the capabilities are available to make the metaverse a global place of work.

Not only this, if we really are going to accept the metaverse as a new way of living, it will need a tremendous amount of regulating before consumers feel confident in adopting it into their lives.

Whether it is in 2030 or 2070, we are curious to follow the metaverse progression over the coming years – and who knows, maybe one day we will be working in the metaverse and we will meet you there and discuss this very blog.