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What makes eve Networks work is the brains behind the business.

why eve Networks?

We’re revolutionising the ways that people work and that’s a rewarding duty. If you’re here, wondering if you should join us, here’s why some of our team love working here.


what’s rewarding about working with us?

My colleagues, they put up with my incessant questions but I’m supported in my learning regarding the paths I can take.

your favourite perk?

The hot tap in the kitchen, as someone who drinks far too much tea [of any variety] it’s a wonder as you don’t have to wait for a kettle to boil.

what’s your technology highlight?

Probably the tower PC my grandad built for me when I was around 9 or 10, in retrospect I was the luckiest kid to have my own PC. So many hours were spent playing The Sims and messing around in Paint.

We can always find Rhi with a cup of tea and a recommendation for a new brew to try. 

Joe spends his free time enjoying a kick about with friends and colleagues. 


What’s rewarding about working with us?

The fluidity of the work cycles, the way we work means it’s rare I get bogged down in a single task for a long period. The constant updates to our portals means there are lots of moving parts and therefore never a dull day when trying to improve the users’ portals!

Your favourite perk?

Food is great, so free lunch is a major perk, especially now bacon is included on the van!

What’s your technology highlight?

I have a love for all things to do with space, so for me whilst probably boring for most I absolutely love the Hubble Space telescope. I feel that is an amazing piece of technology that has opened our eyes up to so much in the universe.


what’s rewarding about working with us?

Personally I take great pride in working with colleagues who are knowledgeable and technically minded. Between us there isn’t much we can’t achieve.

your favourite perk?

As a founding member of the Social Committee we are able to organise a range of events from games evenings, painting classes, BBQs, themed nights out and more. Having a social event with colleagues means we can relax and get to know each other. 

what’s your technology highlight?

As a late bloomer into technology, my highlight came when I started to get my teeth into the functionality of my laptop and all the possibilities it held in my early twenties. Before long I had found a passion and over a decade later it is now my career.

The man of a hundred hobbies – Luke shows us how he creates resin a masterpiece.

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