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eve Networks software developer for the hosted voice solution, Anusha Bharati

Meet Anusha, our new Software Developer


Beth Swarbrick
February 3, 2023

We’re growing, and we’ve welcomed an incredible new Software Developer

At the end of 2022 we welcomed Anusha into the team.

We’re focused on building a team of the best people, because we know they are a huge part of what makes eve Networks exceptional.

We’ve been lucky enough to get to know Anusha from catch-ups in the office, and her introduction in our latest company update. But for those of you who don’t yet know Anusha, allow us to share a little more about her, her impressive background and why she decided to join eve Networks.

Hi Anusha 👋 Could you tell us a little about your background before you joined the team at eve Networks?

Of course! So I originally started out by studying for my Bachelor’s degree in Mumbai and during this I realised that I was fascinated by computer science, and especially IoT. After my BA I started a role as an Application Development Analyst and did this for a few years.

I knew while I was in this role though that I wasn’t done with further education – I wanted to learn more! So in 2021 I began studying for my Masters in Computer Science at The University of Bath.

Writing my dissertation was incredibly enjoyable for me. I am passionate about what I studied and my desire to learn more and more about it made the long study days a lot easier. It was certainly challenging, but I love a challenge.

Towards the end of 2022 I completed my Master’s and I started searching for a role where I could use my skills but still continue to learn.

Anusha Bharati Software Developer
Anusha Bharati, Software Developer

What was it about the Software Developer role at eve Networks that made you want to apply?

I read a lot of job descriptions when I was looking for a role. But what stood out to me about the eve Networks one was that it mentioned it involved lots of exposure to so many different projects. I knew that would mean that I could continue to learn and grow as a Software Developer.

When I came in for my interview and spoke to the team I just knew straight away that it was an environment I wanted to be in. It promised flexibility, which is important for me. But it also instantly made me feel comfortable. I can honestly say I have never felt so relaxed and welcome in a work environment.

In this type of role usually it can be incredibly high pressured and intense, which doesn’t always lead to the best output. Here I already feel at ease and empowered to put forward my ideas and make a difference.

When I met Marcus (Technical Director) I could tell straight away that they really care about your personality being a good fit, and aren’t just only focused on the qualifications and experience. The interview process made it really clear that they cared by how much effort they put in.

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to go into a similar role?

I think, from my experience, you need to be someone who is dedicated and hardworking. There are so many changes and new things to learn all the time so it’s really important that you really want to learn these things. That’s a big part of being a Software Developer, and you have to really care about it to be motivated to stay up to date with everything.

Having these types of skills definitely opens up a lot of opportunities so if one particular area isn’t right for you, the chances are there will be something else that suits you perfectly. As long as you have the foundation skills and desire to learn, you can take this and adapt it for a lot of roles in technology.

Thanks Anusha!

If hearing from Anusha has got you thinking that a role at eve Networks might be a good fit for you or someone you know, take a look at our latest available positions.

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