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Behind the scenes: creating the brand


Louise Abbey
April 15, 2021

Justifying a portfolio of outstanding products requires an equally outstanding brand. Creating the eve Networks brand was a process that included all key stakeholders, to ensure that the brand represented the people, the products and the ethos of the company.

But what does it all mean?

Creating the brand

Brains and beauty

eve Networks hosts technically spectacular services, which are translated into easy-to-use solutions that are designed with the user in mind. The imagery in the brand represents movement, a subtle nod to the fluidity of the brand’s products, working in the background of a business, making everything just work.

Modern and uncomplicated

We wanted to produce a brand that represented the IT channel, with a focus on modern ways of working. Clinical, bright and minimalistic. We don’t wish to dazzle our audience with complicated acronyms or create a smoke and mirrors around our product offering, our brand is built to be easy to do business with.

eve Voice and eve Connect

Our two, well established brands within the Telecoms space were built to disrupt the market. We compliment ourselves on offering brands that are straightforward for customers to engage with. Everyone expects a friendly user experience and that’s what we prioritise within our brands.

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