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Introducing eve Networks


Louise Abbey
April 15, 2021

eve Networks has joined the IT marketplace as a communication provider to channel and distribution businesses. The company is entering the marketplace with its inhouse developed offering of IP voice and collaboration solutions as well as connectivity services including FTTP, SoGEA and all other fibre options.

Partnering with eve Networks allows IT service providers to offer a full suite of communication solutions for their customers. Alongside that, eve Network’s connectivity solution, eve Connect, offers partners the opportunity to sell unbeatable connectivity, built on the best infrastructure available.

Managing Director, Steve Barclay, who has previous senior experience with CityFibre and Entanet said “eve Networks offers service providers the opportunity to include comms in their product portfolio. With an exceptional offering for both voice and collaboration, plus connectivity, their customers can benefit from using one supplier for all their communications requirements.

“Our ambition is to be the number one provider when it comes to intuitive and efficient ways of working. We strive for our portals and interfaces to be simple to use and we are incredibly easy to do business with.

“The eve Networks team boasts a wealth of experience in all areas, from Telecoms, to IT and security, to software development and commercial expertise. Between us, we have the infrastructure, software, technology, support and proposition knowledge completely covered.

“The reason our offering is different to others is because we’re centralising everything on the need for an exceptional user experience with a proposition purpose-built for the IT sector.

“We’re looking to work with partners that are ready to fill the gap in their offering by enabling them to cross sell the best solutions into their existing customer base, while optimising new business along the way. Our partners receive training and support for our products and we offer billing support, making working with us super easy.

“The gap between Telecoms and IT is closing. With our solutions IT service providers can actively monetize this while offering real world benefits to meet their customer demands. The Telecoms and IT channels are very similar, the products are the difference and that’s where our experience in Telecoms allows us to support IT service providers.

“eve Networks is set to be a transformative and market leading proposition in the marketplace. We work harmoniously with carefully selected partners to deliver impactful solutions that will enable businesses to change the way they work for the better.”

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