Can I use Microsoft Teams as a phone system

Can and should you use Microsoft Teams as a phone system?


Beth Swarbrick
October 8, 2021

In the past 2 years Microsoft Teams has experienced a remarkable surge in users, largely due to the increased demand for home-working that came because of COVID-19. It has now become a tool that many of us use every day to communicate and collaborate with colleagues.

You may now be considering whether Teams is sufficient to replace your existing phone system altogether. Before you go ahead and make a decision, there are a few factors to consider.

So, to answer the question – yes you can use Microsoft Teams as a phone system, however a hybrid solution could be a better fit for your business.

Microsoft Teams as a phone system – getting the best of both worlds

Many of the capabilities of Microsoft Teams are part of the reason so many of us have adopted it as part of our daily working lives. Video calls, storage and chat are all functionalities that many traditional PBX systems lack.

However, MS Teams is first and foremost a collaboration tool and is still relatively new meaning is does fall short on some of the sophistication that a long-standing PBX can provide. Consider call routing, queuing and call reporting – functions that for many businesses are critical for how they operate.

If you want to use Microsoft Teams as a phone system, the best solution could be a hybrid environment with a hosted PBX. This gives the flexibility to use all the inbound functionalities of the hosted platform while using Teams as your softphone to make and receive calls.

How to get started

The first step is to find a supplier that has experience in this type of hybrid environment, and someone that is equipped to execute the seamless integration between Teams and a hosted platform.

We work with IT Resellers, Service Providers and System Integrators to provide access to eve Voice, the class leading hosted telephony service built on carrier grade infrastructure.  We offer SIP trunks for PBX’s and alternative platforms including Microsoft Teams as well as a feature rich hosted telephony platform that integrates seamlessly with MS Teams. 

If you would like to discuss this further, or if you have any questions about how eve Networks can support you, please do get in touch.