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Beth Swarbrick
June 22, 2022

Standing proud on a Cisco router, we introduce to you the eve Networks Level Up Cup 🏆

Steve Barclay explains…

“Last week I was excited to announce the launch of our Level Up Club at our company update. And to award, for the very first time, the Level Up Cup.

Mounted on a Cisco router and building on our foundations of everything IP, the Cup recognises outstanding contribution in taking eve Networks to the next level.

Well done to Chris McNamee, exceptional performance, and worthy inaugural winner.”

the level up cup
Steve Barclay, Managing Director (left) and Chris McNamee, Lead Developer (right)

We talk about ‘levelling up’ a lot at eve Networks. So, what does it actually mean?

When we launched eve Networks, we knew what we wanted to achieve. Collectively we have racked up a lot of years in the industry, and because of that we know what works well and what could be improved.

We knew we wanted to take the things that haven’t worked quite so well in the past for other organisations and make them work. And we knew it could be done, with the right people trailblazing the way.

And that’s where ‘level up’ comes into play. It’s those people that are working to make eve Networks the very best it can be.

The people that level up are the people that create things and do things that take eve Networks up a level. They innovate to create a better partner and customer experiences, they make our platforms smarter, they automate to make processes easier.

They level up.

The story of the Cup

That’s the Club, now onto the Cup.

Our Cup is not any old trophy, of course it Levels Up!

Every winner of the cup will be asked to add a small token that best represents them, a reflection of their personality and contribution to us levelling up. It might be a golf ball for a keen golfer, a piece of Lego for the Lego master, or a shoelace for any sneakerheads.

As more people get awarded the Cup, the more the Cup ‘levels up’ to become our very own, unique, piece of art. An evolving award marking the evolution of eve Networks – showcasing all those who have levelled up and a reminder that it’s the talented people in our business who build our success.

You can keep up with the progress of the Cup, and see the latest additions added here on our blog, and over on our socials.


Chris’ win links with our internal value to contribute.

What does it mean to contribute? We don’t just dream big, we work for it as individuals, and as a team. We understand the importance of personal responsibility – we really care about what we do. We challenge the status quo and run at the opportunity to make a difference.

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