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This is what we stand for – our team values


Louise Abbey
February 3, 2023

Company values define what a company stands for.

Values influence the way people in a company interact with one another, customers, partners, and the wider community.

There’s a real risk of falling into clunky corporate speak when we talk about values, but we want to avoid that at all costs.

We’re not here to present a perfect facade to the world. This is about real people. It’s about us. Our flaws, our strengths, our dreams, and our personalities.

This is about what gets us out of bed every day.

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Contribute – We don’t just dream big, we work for it as individuals, and as a team. We understand the importance of personal responsibility – we really care about what we do. We challenge the status quo and run at the opportunity to make a difference.

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Be exceptional – we aim for brilliance in every single thing we do for our partners, for our team and for ourselves as individuals. We’re driven by our pursuit to be exceptional. We encourage ambition, original ideas and big, innovative thinking.

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Believe in teamwork –  we build better when we work together. We know how to bring out the best in one another; we’re always helpful and open-minded so that we become even stronger as a team.

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Act with integrity – for us, integrity is about saying what we do, and doing what we say. We treat everyone with kindness, dignity and respect. We’re trustworthy, ethical and fair.

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Play well with others – we get that communication is more than ones and zeros, it’s human. Creating a real connection takes care. We’re real, we listen and we take time to understand people’s points of view.

We’re not all talk and no trousers

If you’re an eve Networks partner and would like to talk about our values and what they mean to you, we’d really welcome a conversation.

Sound like your kind of people?

Working with us

We’re always looking for brilliant people to join our team. For us, personality means a hell of a lot. If our values fit with yours, we’d like to get to know you. Head over to our careers page or if there’s no role available that fits what you’re looking for, send us your CV – hello@evenetworks.com.

Partnering with us

If you’re interested in doing business with people like us, let’s talk.

We choose to work with like-minded people and know what a good partnership looks like. You can read more about that here – Channel partnerships, what makes them work in 2023?

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